Che Guevara, the great hero of the American Revolution tradition, first went out to sell shoes… if not sold, he wore it himself… Doctor, was an expert in gorilla warfare with the author…

The hat of the revolutionary Che Guevara is world famous. That type of hat is called a bere. Before Che, that type of cap was worn by Irish revolutionaries.

A single person who became the biggest crisis for American imperialism, to kill whom America put all its strength, even after killing, America was afraid… that person’s name is Che Guevara. Che Guevara, the legend of the Latin American Revolution tradition, was born on June 14, 1928. The full name was ‘Ernesto Guevara de la Sarna’ but the famous came from ‘Che’. Doctor, writer, revolutionary and guerrilla warrior Che Guevara has been one of the architects of many important events in history. But today the discussion will focus on his unsuccessful attempts to do business.

unsuccessful attempt to become a businessman

At the age of 20, Che Guevara had yet to reach ideological maturity even after reading Zola, Marx, Lenin, Freud, Nehru. In those days, Che suddenly got the idea of ​​doing business. Together with his friends, he devised a plan to manufacture and sell an insecticide to kill household cockroaches. This insecticide was to be prepared by mixing gamaxin and talcum powder. Gemexin is a medicine to kill locusts which gives bad smell. Che Guevara’s biographer V.K. Singh explains in his book, the factory started in an empty garage on the ground floor of the house. The sick stench of Gemexin spread throughout the house. The work continued while facing the pressure from the family members to the tenants. But the people associated with this work went on getting sick one by one. To save his business, Che Guevara stood till the end with a cloth tied on his nose. Eventually he too grabbed the bed and the first business ended.

VK According to Singh, Che’s next business plan was to buy shoes at wholesale prices from wholesalers and sell them door-to-door. According to the plan, Che Guevara brought the shoe from the whole sale. The packaging of shoes started by converting the garage into a warehouse. But Che Guevara soon learned that only 10 percent of the shoes brought in wholesale could be made in pairs. The rest of the shoes are of different sizes and colours. In such a situation, he started looking for people lame with one foot in the city. He started selling them one shoe at a time. Some 5-10 shoes were also sold but the remaining shoes had to be worn by them for a long time themselves. He used to wear two different colored shoes on both his feet. In this way the dream of the great revolutionary Che Guevara to become a businessman remained unfulfilled.

India and Che

Che Guevara, who built a new socialist Cuba by driving out the ‘American stoog’ Batista from Cuba, also came to Delhi in 1959. He was greatly influenced by the Discovery of India written by Jawaharlal Nehru during his college days. Che reached Delhi on 30 June 1959 at the special invitation of Nehru. Che was then a minister in the Cuban government. Senior journalist Om Thanvi has written a detailed report on Che Guevara’s visit to India. That report shows that on July 1, 1959, Che Guevara and Nehru met and had dinner together. Apart from Delhi, Che Guevara also went to Calcutta, where he met the Chief Minister of Bengal. After returning from this trip, Che Guevara wrote a report, which he submitted to his partner Fidel Castro.